Knowledge areas - create online tests
All tests in the Testlife placed in specific areas of knowledge. Under the area of ​​knowledge is meant discipline or discipline section.

Field of knowledge may contain various subareas. For this discipline may be here sections. For partitions - themes, etc. When creating a test, the system can take into account the cluster started in affiliated fields. For example, in the field of physics, we can create a test and indicate in it the group of questions from the child (Section) Kinematics and Thermodynamics. It is very convenient as it allows you to create tests of the upper levels, which would comprise a cluster of several subsidiaries areas - sections or topics.

Before creating questions or tests, you must create the root area of ​​knowledge.

Select the menu item Create knowledge area

A dialog appears to create a area:

You must enter the name field and click button Add knowledge area.

Menu added a new knowledge area.

Choose created area on the screen will appear the field of knowledge (in this example, we created the discipline of Physics)

Area of knowledge can be edited or deleted.

You can create a new child area (click New knowledge subarea button) and place where the group of questions and tests.

Each area of knowledge created can contain several group of questions and tests. After creating area of knowledge, you can create the first group of questions (click New group of questions) or to continue creating any areas.